HaitiBeat.com is an online music platform that celebrates the vibrant and diverse music of Haiti. The website was created to provide a platform for Haitian artists to showcase their music and connect with fans around the world.

It features a wide variety of genres, including hip-hop, reggae, zouk, kompa, and more. The website also provides users with access to exclusive content such as interviews with Haitian artists, music videos, and live performances.

Additionally, HaitiBeat.com offers a variety of services such as artist promotion and booking services for events in Haiti and abroad. HaitiBeat.com is committed to promoting the culture of Haiti through its music and providing a platform for Haitian artists to share their work with the world.

The website is constantly evolving and expanding its offerings in order to better serve its users.

Haitibeat.com is an online hub dedicated to finding and preserving Haitian culture. The website consists of a streaming music service that offers Haitian genres like kompa, prefomance, racine and twoubadou . They also offer several multimedia tools like a podcast, video interviews with Haitian music industry professionals, a photo gallery and an exclusive magazine section featuring news and articles on the latest Haitian artists and events. Additionally, they provide an event calendar to keep fans up to date on carnival celebrations and live performances hosted around the world. Haitibeat’s ultimate goal is to become the go-to destination for all things related to Haitian culture.

The website also serves as an active platform for collaboration between filmmakers, photographers and musicians as they work together to share their art with the global community.